Healthcare & Pharma Logistics

We understand that the delivery of healthcare products and equipment is critical. CM Logistics provides supply chain solutions to guarantee that time and temperature-sensitive inventory arrive at their destination safely and in good order. We maintain the integrity of sensitive products through special monitoring and handling services.

Companies in the healthcare industry are faced with an ever-changing environment, especially during the current world pandemic situation. With our integrated and innovative solutions, we can flexibly react to all requirements from biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical device manufacturers.

Drugs, Test kits, and some medical consumables need to be stored and transported in an optimum temperature range in order to preserve viability. Reliability and convenience are therefore vital in transporting healthcare products. The CM Logistics supply chain solution ensures temperature and time-sensitive products get to their destination securely and safely.

Our quality-driven solutions range from the delivery of test kits and equipment to finished drugs and other medical devices. We maintain the integrity of our customers’ products with exceptional monitoring and handling, including closed cold chain solutions for biological drugs, comprehensive traceability of shipments, and acquiescence with all the legal guidelines. Also, we employ quality management systems and apply industry standards for the movement and storage of such goods.

Our international network comprises ocean, air, land transport, and contract logistics, enabling us to respond immediately to any changes in your distribution requirements. Additionally, our multiple modes of transport ensure we provide you with a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for your supply chain. Our advanced pharmaceutical logistics solutions provide you with seamless support at each stage of your supply chain, from scheduling and tracking to booking and reporting. Our tracking tool gives you real-time information about the status and location of your shipment.

Whether planning or overseeing complex global and regional operations, we have the industry expertise and the pharmaceutical logistics network to back up the healthcare supply chain across all modes of transport.